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Its so funny as a vegetarian I see things like this and first thought is how can I make a vegan version for my friends and family and SELF!  Found the Good Butcher Vegan Meats. So I will be replicating this. Thanks!! So good.  I just don’t understand the point of making them so big. You can’t comfortably bite into that damn thing. I am sure it’s delicious, but so annoying to eat. In which case you would just unroll the burrito and eat it with a fork, so what’s the point lol. Make it smaller!!! This looks like about a week’s meal for me if I could eat it all but I know some people up here they could sit down and eat that thing and look for another one fellow by the name of Felix and another by the name of Len. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel looks like trash why would I want my BBQ wrapped in a Yeah I Vape Shirt? When its perfectly amazing by itself if I want a burrito I would get Mexican please stop the fuckery.

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 Looks good, but serve the mac & cheese on the side & double up on the beans for me! And make sure to use ONLY Jack Stack beans from Jack Stack BBQ in K.C.!! They are to die for. There was a place on the news this morning. jav’s in anaheim on anaheim blvd. Motto its all about the meat i instantly thought of you. seriously too much in the middle..how does pasta make its way in a. burrito.i love burritos but why wrap up a whole bbq plate .fork knife spoon is traditional and only way im eating this is if im hypmotized .whats next a hot dog chesse burger relish meat sauce burrito and whos mouth is wide enough to eat that without making a mess. No it ain’t. Where the greens and potatato salad/coleslaw? Edit: wait a minute… I didn’t watch the video and was only going off the picture. Did I read there’s chorizo on this burrito? Who the f…. okay. This is def some hipster, tastemade, fake creative Yeah I Vape Shirt. So the kitchen were she cleaned the clams oysters or whatever doesn’t have a stove ? But she had a brick hahaha nice and of course the guy just said yes destroy my chain I don’t like it or use it. What office just has a drill lying around for the employees to use and also what office just lets you use a drill when you’re just an office worker. 

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