Halloween Jack Skellington as Harry Potter shirt

That thing is scary to those precious little babies some of Halloween Jack Skellington as Harry Potter shirt. I’m on the fence on this one.  I used to turn it to right before it pops and stop, that way when my brothers went to play with it they would get the surprise first. If the baby cries when it pops open, they will grow up to be over emotional and unavailable. If they laugh, then they will be adrenaline junkies.

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Halloween Jack Skellington as Harry Potter Hoodie


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The one where it popped up and the Halloween Jack Skellington as Harry Potter shirt for dear life and the parent slid the Jack in The Box towards the baby’s direction Youve gotta wonder just Who’s bright idea this cruel toy was! I always hated it as a kid but couldn’t help playing it. I knew after a set amount of turns that it’d pop up soon though, so I’d do it Quite fast til i hit that spot and then super slowly so it was one tiny tink sound in it at a time, while holding my other hand just above the pop up door, so it’d hit my hand and I could slowly let it rise.

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